Federal architecture

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The federal architecture was first initially designed by the United States around 18th and 19th century. It is a classic architecture that corresponds to different styles of buildings like Regency architecture in Britain and empire style in France. Most of the federal building includes a simple shape with wings and elliptical rooms. These classic buildings usually look in a box or rectangle shape that looks like a modern empire building. Windows are designed either elliptical or semi-circular along with that often positioned over doors, along with fanlights are constructed to give an ethnic look.

            The material used for this type of architecture includes woods and bricks. Moreover, the wood clapboard homes are possibly found just outside of the major cities; with brick dominating homes in the city were built in this type of style. But nowadays, these federal buildings are rarely seen like a blue moon. There are some famous examples like the Oval Office, the University of Virginia, Otis House Museum, the Davenport House, and lot more which were built with this architecture. So try with this architecture and make a feel of living in an empire’s home by ruling your own world.