Fleet Insurance

Insurance Details /  Company GPSWOX NexTraq Linxup GPS Tracking PeopleNet
Policy amount yearly $210.00 $180.00 $200.00 $198.00
Policy term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Insurance covered vehicle Car,Truck,Company Vehicle Truck alone Car,Truck,Company Vehicle Car,Truck,Company Vehicle
Fleet Cover for Driver Yes Yes No Yes
Policy type Third party only fleet insurance Third party only fleet insurance Comprehensive fleet insurance Comprehensive fleet insurance

Car Insurance

Insurance Company Policy Amount Third Party Claim Compensation Bodily Injury Comprehensive Policy
State Farm $210.00/ Per Month $1,421.00 / 6 Month Yes $500 $100K / $300K Yes
Allstate $300.00/ Per Month $2.810.00 / 6 Month No $700 $110k / $400k Yes
Progressive Corporation $250.00/ Per Month $1,751.00 / 6 Month Yes $500 $130k / $300k No
Geico $270.00/ Per Month $1,821.00 / 6 Month No $800 $100k / $300k Yes
Esurance $210.00/ Per Month $1,421.00 / 6 Month No $500 $150k / $350k No
Farmers $310.00/ Per Month $1,421.00 / 6 Month Yes $700 $100K / $300K No

Life Insurance

Insurance Company Average Perineum Amount Coverage Claim Ratio Waiting Period Renewable Option Network linked Hospitals
Max Bupa Health Insurance $138.44 4 Members of the family ( 2 adults + 2 children ) 55.90% 5 Years Lifelong Over 3500
Bharti AXA Health Insurance $152.28 5 Members of the family ( 3 adults + 2 children ) 75.52% 4 Years Guaranteed Lifelong Renewal Over 5000
Cigna TTK Health Insurance $207.66 7 Members of the family ( 3 adults + 4 children ) 81.69% 4 Years Lifelong Over 3000
National Health Insurance $138.44 4 Members of the family ( 2 adults + 2 children ) 92.30% 6 Years Lifelong Over 7000
Star Health and Allied Insurance $193.82 6 Members of the family ( 3 adults + 3 children ) 95.21% 4 Years Lifelong Over 4000
Universal Sompo General Inusrance $141.44 4 Members of the family ( 2 adults + 2 children ) 70.91% 3 Years Guaranteed Lifelong Renewal Over 3000
Max Bupa Health Insurance $162.28 5 Members of the family ( 3 adults + 2 children ) 51.96% 3 Years Lifelong Over 3400

Performance Marine Associates Fast Insurance

Every insurance agent’s aim is to protect your family from all sorts of financial messes. Insurance means a protection against the financial losses by hedging against the risk of accidental or uncertain loss. It holds an agreement between the two members namely insurer and insurance holder. The insurer compensates the covered loss in the form of payment to the holder. The holder receives a contract that includes all the terms and conditions under which he will be financially compensated. This contract-based protection is termed simply as an insurance policy. Moreover, an insurance policy can be applied for residential, commercial or for personal usage. It has different types namely auto insurance, gap insurance, health insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance, casualty insurance, burial insurance, property, liability, credit and other types of insurances.

UK’s leading insurance provider

There are many insurance providing companies across the world that provide protection for the holder’s family with lots of benefits and advantages. Performance Marine Associates Fast Insurance is an insurance website which explores a lot of information and details with all the basics to make the customers easily understand. It is a UK insurance company that holds a number of customers with a good positive outcome in turn. We entered the insurance market for many years with a promise to protect from risk like no other insurer. The company focuses its attention towards the individual needs and unique risks. Property insurance, title insurance, insurance backed insurance, probate insurance, gadget insurance, household insurance, event insurance, financial gap insurance, tire and wheel insurance, business insurance, and lot more types were maintained by our excellent and well-talented professional in a smooth way without giving any hurdles to our customers.

Get the best value from us

We lend a hand to our clients as the specialists are experienced in handling and provide solutions for effective decision making. This helps to maintain a strong relationship with the customers. There are many insurance corporations offering to the customers but our company would provide you with many benefits and legal inexpensive payments and also we provide you the amount in exchange without any delays on time. Moreover, you can claim money for any sort of critical illness immediately as we had tied up with all major hospitals across the UK countries for your ease of access. We provide an amount for your emergency situation and in turn, you can pay lesser amount once in a year and this rate goes on increasing every year from the actual pay as your welfare in now our responsibility when you get into our company to claim the insurance.

As per the proverb “a penny saved is penny gained”, our professionals will help you in saving your money with care and protect your family by lending all the financial benefits then and there when needed. Apart from these personal insurance policies, our company provides legal expenses insurance policy as we are the one and only leading provider of this policy for intermediaries and solicitors. By understanding the legal firms, their challenges, and business enable us to create an effective outcome that addresses that take in hand the needs of you and your clients in a simple and inexpensive way. We protect your firms and customer’s bond with the professionals of your firm in a legal and effective way by offering the discounts and payments for any cases like personal injury, clinical negligence, insolvency and bankruptcy, commercial and contractual, and lot more types. This is the reason for most customers to prefer our company as we are the best insurer than any other insurer.

Saving and investments

Most of us would save and invest only on banks at some specific interest rates and duration. But when you save and invest in us, our professionals would guide you in what ways you are benefited in joining with us. Since your money is largely secure with the ease of access. The best definition of investment in simple terms is that when you buy a product at an affordable rate and in turn it offers high quality. This is what you will feel when the investments and savings are made with us. As years go by, your savings will increase with guaranteed cash sum and life cover. Investing the money can be risky but it is an exception for our company as we provide higher returns and help the customers to build wealth over the long-term. In life, you have always satisfied your family with whatever they wanted. Still, there are some promises you have to fulfill for your families like a vacation, dream house, security, and lot more.

Hence it is necessary to have some savings and invest in us to get greater benefits and make your family dreams come true. Similarly, life insurance is a necessary policy for every human as it helps the family members in our absence. This is because men used to work and women used to take care of the family and kids. But since we are living in an advanced world, both men and women go out for work, have some earnings, and fulfill their kids desired needs. Men’s absence is a huge loss for the entire family, but when he had applied for any insurance on him, the family might get a larger amount to survive in the future. Hence make sure of applying for insurance with the leading insurance company among the UK countries.

Performance Marine Associates Fast Insurance